Lyubas' House


Lyubas' House is a small, family run animal shelter located in Kiev, Ukraine. Lyubas' House houses more then 20 dogs and is run by Anastasiya, her mother Tatiyana and a few volunteers. Anastasiya is also an artist, and depicts her animals in her paintings.

Three permanent residents of Lyubas' House are disabled dogs with wheelchairs. All three were saved from the streets from dire situations and are now live happily with Anastasia. In addition to caring for the animals, Anastasia is a pioneer in showing Ukranians that disabled dogs can have good quality life. Her dogs inspire optimism in others and urge veterinarians to deal with difficult cases in their practice. Her work has also inspired entrepreneurs to design and make the first wheelchairs in Ukraine:

You can see more animals in Lyubas' House here: You can also find more information and day to day updates on facebook:



Food, sanitary care and medical treatment expenses amount to $800-$1000 each month for the shelter. Money is spent on natural food (cereals, meat, cheese, vegetables), vitamins and supplements, absorbent diapers, medicine for kidney disease for dogs with spinal injuries, treatment for wounds, anthelmintic drugs, inoculations, laundry detergents, and repair of wheelchairs.


We are very grateful for any support you can provide for these dogs. If you would like to donate please click here:

Lyubas and Masha both were hit by a car. Among other wounds, the accident caused the fracture of the spine. After the accident Lyubas was crawling in the snow, trying to survive for two months before Anastasiya found him. Today he is a happiest dog alive!

Lola was part of a pack and led a pack life for a long time. Lola was shot in the spine leaving her back legs paralyzed. The rest of her pack did not survive.


Lyubas during winter walk: